The installation of air suspension

The question of connection after purchase of air suspension remains open.

These parts are necessary for installation of air suspension:
  • - Control system block Type 1
  • - Air Tank
  • - Valve block
  • - Air bags
  • - Air filter
  • - Compressor

    Regarding to multiuse connecting system, Type 1 can be used with any parts and be installed on your own within few hours.

    UntitledAir offers Type 1 control block, which allows to manage air suspension with any other parts. To find more about control block, visit our page.

Air suspension and parts
Air suspension is change of basic buffers on air bags, which are installed between wheel spindle and vehicle frame. This system includes pressure sensors, compressor, receiver and control block. The elements of suspension is chosen depending on customers desires and needs. Compressor and receiver is chosen depending on air accumulation rate. For example, if it is not necessary to change clearance in daily use, powerful units will not be built in.

Receiver is installed not only for fast air pumping, but also for fast compression in order to soften hits on the body. The softness of suspension depends in direct proportion to receivers size. Electromechanical air distributors make system work more stable and comfortable to control. Clearance is directly proportional to pressure in air bags and can be regulated with the control block installed in car.

An easy suspension control makes it practical and optimized system for dropping car. The benefit of air suspension is adaptability to driver desires. Every driver can adjust suspension in most comfortable way and car is going to be stable and soft during the ride.
New era of air suspension control
User-friendly design
Remote control is made of carbon and aluminium 7075, which is used in military aviation.

Size of remote control is close to size of credit card, so it doesn't occupy a lot of space in car of a pocket.

Easy plug-in
Remote control is compatible with all system elements.

Regarding to convenient instructions and elaborate connection system, you can set up your device in a few hours for complete usage.
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